Psychothérapie, Laurent Schapira, Paris 75016, Gestalt thérapie, Sophrologie, Pleine Conscience, Adultes, couples, Adolescents.
Psychothérapie, Laurent Schapira, Paris 75016, Gestalt thérapie, Sophrologie, Pleine Conscience, Adultes, couples, Adolescents.
Laurent Schapira - Graziella Toutée - Gestalt Thérapie - Paris 16
Laurent Schapira - Graziella Toutée - Gestalt Thérapie - Paris 16 

Welcome - Laurent Schapira - Psychotherapy, Paris

Psychotherapy, Paris 16 and Paris 1

All of us, young or old, can live at a time of life, difficulties and pain without being able to find one solution to get out or relief.

These difficulties may be involved in the personal domain (slump, loss of confidence, loneliness, alcohol dependence, ...) in the relational framework (couple difficulty breaking or unbearable grief, parent / child distended, ...) or in professional life (job loss, trouble with superiors or colleagues, promoting missed ...).

These pains are reflected in very different ways, and sometimes without obvious link with the life situation: malaise, depressive passing, anger, insomnia, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, withdrawal into oneself

Why see a therapist ?


When you are in trouble, we can talk with his family or friends. But sometimes none of them is able to give you relief or lighting you need . Why ? Because none of these people, as it is loved and loving , is neutral with respect to you.


When you come see me , I bring my professional and compassionate listening , my experience and various therapeutic techniques. But I also give you a look and a "neutral" speech without other interest than to help you become aware of what is happening within you and around you, understand where you are , find "your" best solutions to live well .

This can be, depending on your choice , short to solve a temporary difficulty . It can be longer if you feel a desire to go further in the knowledge of you or if you wonder about the meaning of your life



Who I receive?

I receive adults of all ages, couples and adolescents, in French or English.

Sessions are done in individual, couple or group (group participation is only opened to people who have already done a first level of work on themselves).

I also regularly organizes thematic training sessions (eg, training in positive visualization) open to all.

How do I work?

An individual session is a " slice of life" that we live together in my office , in the comfort , security , confidentiality and acceptance.

The goal is to help you become aware of what is happening with you and others to help you find serenity and well-being dynamic.

I use different methods to enable you to safely express what is painful for you.

It is possible for me to just listen to you and question you. I also request you to new thinking by explaining some of interpreting events, especially when I use Transactional Analysis . It is still possible that we put into play, when it seems useful and interesting techniques daydream from sophrology therapy.

The important thing is to implement with you the therapeutic method that is best for you and will help you more easily to open your understanding, release your painful emotions rooted in you and find the best solutions for your live well.

My path:

My career has been progressively, throughout my life and continues to grow curiosity, experience and training.

Originally a graduate of a business school, and I found myself trained in Transactional Analysis in 1982.

I then do 3 years of personal therapy. Then followed three years of training in Gestalt Therapy and Relaxation therapy, within the training school Lise room, which I graduated in 1990.

In accordance with our ethics, I participate every month a group of supervision, and I continue to participate in many additional training.

I rise to support groups of "Blue Cross", an association that helps people suffered addictions.

I am also a member of the "International Society for Coaching Psychology."


Psy en mouvement, Laurent Schapira, Gestalt thérapeute, Sophrologue, Paris, 75016 membre certifié de la Fédération Nationale "Psy en Mouvement"
coach certifié, executive coaching, team building, gestalt coaching membre associé de L'ISOP
Gestalt thérapie, Gestalt thérapie Paris, Gestalt thérapeute, sophrologie, sophrologue, sophrologie Paris, paris 16, laurent schapira, développement personnel, psy, positif, adulte, thérapie de couple Laurent Schapira - Gestalt Thérapeute, Sophrologue
Graziella Toutée - Gestalt thérapeute

Laurent Schapira

4 rue de la Tour

75016 Paris

sur rendez vous uniquement, au 


ou bien par mail :

Séances à distance via Skype possibles : adresse : Laurent_schapira.

Vous pouvez aussi utiliser notre

formulaire de contact.

Tarifs : de 20 à 100 euros selon le type d'accompagnement souhaité.

Exercices pour le développement personnel grâce à la Gestalt, à la Sophrologie et à la pleine conscience,Gestalt thérapie, Gestalt thérapie Paris, Gestalt thérapeute, sophrologie, sophrologue, sophrol Mon recueil d'exercices est maintenant disponible ici
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